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Client confidentiality prevents us from publishing detailed case studies on the internet so we can only offer you the brief overviews, below. However we can provide you with full case studies and references if you sign a confidentiality agreement.

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A UK based global brand.
Excellent FTSE 250 penetration but poor underneath this.

Suffering high churn and poor growth. We designed a new sales and account management model which significantly lowered the cost of each of these activities. The new partnership team turned 28% customer churn into flat billing.

And delivered £12m in new revenue.


Leading UK brand experiencing poor growth in mid and SME segments.

We designed a new sales methodology resulting in the partnership team outstripping all other new business teams and the scaling up of their engagement.

Business Banking

Leading regional brand (Benelux) with excellent penetration in core geographies but poor outside this.

We designed a new sales model based on demarcating sales and banking expertise. This has lowered the cost of customer acquisition and the partnership team have generated significant new market share.

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